This concept was born out of the vision to empower the united nations of women and men who have experienced the fashion world first hand. Having traveled the world has allowed us to grow through our fears to become culturally evolved.


We believe there is power in highlighting the amazing connections we build within our nomadic career by providing our first live digital safe haven. We have created our own insta-algorithm that connects us meaningfully, genuinely, and strategically to expand our individual reach while also building a collective voice of inspirational beauty.

When your career that has no professional boundaries it can be difficult to trust. We make decisions without a full understanding of what is expected or agreed upon because we are not involved or informed of what the client or creative expect.


Education about what is happening as a whole in our industry is essential for us to make business decisions. Collecting and organizing headline news in our industry is a way for us to gain a bigger picture of what issues we are all facing. This provides us with a clearer understanding of what concerns are personal and which are industry wide.


Frankly, this career can be down right scary. We are put in positions everyday where we are sent to new locations, with people we have never met and we are all vying for a job we know very little about.  We  experience a dismissive environment where we become invisible to clients, agencies and even ourselves. This often results in feeding our own self-doubt and we lose our self confidence in the process. Let's use the worst pain as our best strength and allow history to rewrite itself. By coming together, we become empowered.



We can inspire each other and create our own opportunities.

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  • Create Transparency in the industry

  • Engage our community by supporting on another and valuing open dialogues

  • Understand our industry beyond our own experiences

  • Together building a system of autonomy



We look at social media as a way to talk to one another directly and engage with one another. Unlike other traditional engagement groups our profession connects us in a unique way. We are in this together as models, photographers, hair stylists, make up artists, stylists, videographers, designers and casting directors. 


We are all creatives with our roles in this industry.  We need to connect to each other.